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Say goodbye to plastic bags and even the 'green' shopping bags on your supermarket trip. It's time to join the revolution: Trolley Bags are the new way to do your grocery shopping.

Lotus Trolley Bags are a system of 4 reusable shopping bags that are used to pack your shopping at the supermarket checkout. In one simple action the system spreads out and rests on any supermarket trolley, giving you 4 open and upright bags into which you can use both hands to pack and sort your shopping. The 4 colour coded bags allow you to pack everything, the way you want, in half the time. After the checkout, simply detach the bags and place into your car boot, when you arrive home, there are only 4 bags to carry inside and they're easier to unpack too. Easy, organized!


If you use 'scan as you shop' services in your supermarket, our Trolley Bags also help there. Simply rack the bags in the trolley before you start your shop and scan your items straight into the bags.

Trolley Bags are so simple, and that's what makes them brilliant! Make shopping quicker and easier with Trolley Bags.



A well as the NEW popular Lotus Produce Bags, a versatile set of 9 sturdy string close/release bags which will hold your fruits and vegetables while shopping, use them as handy strainers for cooking, organizing your make up in your travel bags, and much more..